But is it a BIO?

A self-proclaimed “beauty shaman” and “creative prostitute,” Dustin Hunter has long been known for not appearing and co-hosting on popular television programs like “Good Morning America” and “The View.” You’ve seen him not appear on stage in “The Vagina Monologues” and his one-man production of “Cat the Musical.”

After his performance in a 2002 independent film, Dustin Hunter can be found with such A-list actors as Jennifer Lawrence, Julia Roberts and any Baldwin on IMDB.com.

A no-time Grammy Award Nominee for his debut album, Benediction, Dustin Hunter is a makeup artist and six foot tall ordained minister in the State of Washington. His hobbies include stretching and antique jewelry making. His turn offs are toxic waste, high fructose corn syrup and racism. For availability, booking inquiries and more information, visit the CONNECT page, email dustinhunter.mobile@gmail.com or explore the links above.


My fascination with makeup began when I was in kindergarten and my mom brought home a VHS copy of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, which included a special about the making of the music video. I understood that the creatures in the movies weren’t real but this was the first time I got a peek at just how they were made and I was fascinated by Rick Baker’s makeup.

Years later I stole my mom’s foundation and wore it to school thinking that if I looked perfect, I would be more popular. I was noticed alright, but mostly because my mom and I are completely different shades.

That is when I began to learn what makeup can and cannot do. How it can accentuate, exaggerate, contour or camouflage and how to make it do all these things without people noticing. In this way makeup is magic.

Transformation fascinates me. Culture and ceremony, ingredients and technique, these things keep me interested and motivated.


Maybe it’s because I was an illustrator long before I became a songwriter, but I’ve always loved the visual art of rock and roll music. Growing up in the 1980’s I feasted on the painted gods of Music Television; Prince, Cyndi Lauper, Robert Smith and Boy George were masters of Max Factor disguises and weavers of Maybelline fantasies. These talented, colorful, dark and androgynous creatures inspired, influenced and challenged my world. What has become of those challenges, I am honored to be able to share with you.

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