Bésame Cosmetics Boudoir Face Brushes

Don’t forget to check out the video demo/tutorial using these brushes that I uploaded to my YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=do099jSMtkA

Recently I saw that Bésame  Cosmetics (a company that specializes in vintage-style products) released these two face brushes… not hair brushes… FACE brushes. I had to have them. Immediately.

So say we all.

Bésame Cosmetics
Boudoir Long Hair Finishing Powder Brush
5.25” long x 2” wide x 2” deep/tall

Let’s start by saying that this is one of the softest (and yes, largest – comparison photos below) brushes I own. It’s SO soft you really just want to put it on your lap and pet it. One review on Sephora reads “I just find it soothing to pet the bristles.” This is not a lie. Pet it and see how it feels as all your worries for the day get lifted up by a gentle summer breeze and gingerly flutter out the window. “Bye worries!”

Still… soft is one thing. Here’s what I think about this brush (and who I might think would like it):

If you don’t like a lot of powder on your face (ex: if you have dry skin), this is a beautiful brush because it disperses product over a large area so lightly and evenly that it won’t accentuate dry patches.

If you are a kabuki brush user and/or like to buff powder into the skin, this is a fantastic brush because it’s one of the softest and densest brushes I’ve ever used and again, because it covers such a large are there are just less edges to blend out… its like… I donno… science or witchcraft or something.

This also easily places bronzers and highlight powders. Hardly any movement required. So unless you like pinpoint-precise application of your bronzers and highlight powders, this does a stunning and natural-looking job. Also if you do any body highlighting with powder products (something I like to do if I bronze/tan my body) there is just no substitute for this brush.

Bésame Cosmetics
Boudoir Short Hair Contour Brush
5.25” long x 1” Wide x 1.25” deep/tall

The Short Hair Contour Brush is – in a word – soft. Easily the softest brush I own and perhaps even the softest brush ever created by man or elf. I literally almost can’t feel it on my face. I can feel pressure if I push it into the skin but I can’t feel the bristles. At all. It’s kind of strange and almost creepy how soft this brush is.

Unfortunately this brush seems a little less versatile to me but it all depends on you and how you work. It’s no doubt great for liquid and cream foundation but it also buffs powder (especially powder foundation) into the skin like a dream.

Again, like the Long Hair brush, this is so large that it covers a great deal of the face in one sweep. Very cool. But it also doesn’t get into the nooks and crannies that well because of it (you’ll more than likely need a separate brush for your concealer).

For blushers this works, but I didn’t like how it worked as much as my fingers. For contouring this also works but again, it’s not something I’d reach for to contour… but you might.

I like the brush, just not as much as the Long Hair one. Here’s a size comparison next to a couple other brushes you might be more familiar with. This gives you a better idea of just how big these brushes are!

This is what I think: If you just enjoy trying new makeup tools or are a fan of vintage cosmetics at all, these are both wonderful brushes to own because they are fun to play with and might even give you a little insight as to what it might have been like to work with cosmetics long, long ago.

I understand that many people are turned off by brushes that look strange or aren’t what they expect. Many people will say “I don’t get it” and dismiss it (I tend to avoid those people). But I’m glad there’s something out there that’s different from everything else! Even if all I gain is an appreciation for the brushes I’m already using, I’d rather have the experience and the options than be limited to just a few brushes that “work for everyone.”

These were absolutely worth the try! And the Long Hair brush warrants some some serious consideration if you’re in the market for a new and interesting powder brush.

By the way I found, for myself, the best way to hold these was not by the handle but by the sides of the brush head just like you would hold – don’t take this as shade – a shoe shine brush!

From Bésame Cosmetics:

Use the long hair finishing brush after powder application to remove any excess powder and to give a near flawless airbrush finish. Can be used on neck, arms and shoulders to create a finished look and buff powder into the skin. To contour the face apply your contour shade of choice in both cream or powder to the skin working in circular motions until completely blended.

Use the short hair contour brush to effortlessly buff cream makeup or powder onto the skin leaving a seamless contoured complexion. To contour the face, apply your contour shade of choice and buff the cream or powder onto the skin working in a number three motion along the forehead, under the cheekbones, ending under the jawline. Repeat until the contour shade is completely blended. To apply rouge, lightly dip the tips of the bristles into the pan and apply starting at the apple of the cheeks working in circular motions blending up towards the hairline, using the long side of the brush to hug the cheekbone.

Bésame brushes are designed to bring back glamour and luxury to the process of creating your look – they make expert application effortless. Designed to buff powder or cream with faux hair, it blends color with ease and glides effortlessly onto the skin. The handle is designed to resemble brushes available to Hollywood makeup artist during the 1930s. It is easy to grasp, comfortable and well balanced in your hand. Wash hair with warm, soapy water as needed. Softest finest man made hair Luxurious boudoir brush for face and body and cruelty free.

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