Bésame Cosmetics Boudoir Face Brushes

Don’t forget to check out the video demo/tutorial using these brushes that I uploaded to my YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=do099jSMtkA

Recently I saw that Bésame  Cosmetics (a company that specializes in vintage-style products) released these two face brushes… not hair brushes… FACE brushes. I had to have them. Immediately.

So say we all. Continue reading “Bésame Cosmetics Boudoir Face Brushes”

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty First Base Foundation

Make sure you check out my video review of First Base Foundation from Joan Collins Timeless Beauty on my YouTube channel!

This has quickly become one of my favorite foundations. Every time I wear it I end up catching my reflection hours later and thinking, “Wow! This really DOES look great!” For some reason it surprises me daily and one of these days I’ll learn to just accept it, but for now I’ll stick with being amazed at this bottle of liquid Photoshop. Continue reading “Joan Collins Timeless Beauty First Base Foundation”