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“Rock and roll’s a prostitute. It should be tarted up.”
– Velvet Goldmine [1988]

Maybe it’s because I was an illustrator long before I became a songwriter, but I’ve always loved the visual art of rock and roll music. Growing up in the 1980’s I feasted on the painted gods of Music Television; Prince, Cyndi Lauper, Robert Smith and Boy George were masters of Max Factor disguises and weavers of Maybelline fantasies. These talented, colorful, dark and androgynous creatures inspired, influenced and challenged my world. What has become of those challenges, I am honored to be able to share with you.

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A condensed version of two years spent spelunking to the rock bottom depths of late night, self-indulgent existentialism and lo-fi inspired, acoustic-driven pop/rock. Embalmed and mummified in magnetic tape and microphone cables.

Originally conceived as double-album and recorded almost entirely on 4-track cassette, the final 10 song LP, Benediction was released in 2010. It includes some of the songs from the double-album mixed with a selection of demos that are more “pop friendly” but still raw enough to blend with the lo-fi, garage rock sound of the original recordings. Lyrics are available here (posted in Tumblr), in order of appearance on the album.

1. Benediction
2. Flood
3. The Sweetest Part of You
4. Move On
5. Sky Falls, Waters Rise
6. Scream For Me
7. The Reason
8. These Little Things
9. Right Here
10. Everyone Come Home

Written, composed, performed* and produced by Dustin Hunter
Mastering by Joe Hight at The Soundlab
Cover Photography and Art Direction by Dustin Hunter
Insert Photography by Jay Becker
*Todd James Luque provides Bass, Drums and Vocals on “Benediction”
and Drums on “The Sweetest Part of You.”
*Jade Jericho provides Vocals on “Scream For Me.”
©2010 Dustys Records | All songs ©2010 Dustin Hunter (BMI)


One of the earliest videos the dustyohunter YouTube channel was about how to de-tube your lipsticks and store them in stack-able, plastic containers. This video closes with the random, but inspired, music video called Chicken at MAC. Both the audio and video for that song are available for you to download here!

Dustin Hunter – Chicken at MAC (Audio/MP3 1.8MB)
Dustin Hunter – Chicken at MAC (Video/MP4 18MB)